Cigar Accessories & Preferences: Cutters & Lighters

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Cigar Reviews - News - Babes - Deals - Cubans - Ratings Part of the smoking experience includes the accessories you use. They play a role not only in our style and attitude, but also a large part to how our cigar tastes. When it comes to preferences, there isn’t a right or wrong- just what you enjoy best.

For me, I find the most control and best experience when I use my scissors and a natural butane flame or single torch. All the items you see here in this video are from Xikar. I love the combination of style and function in their accessories- they also have a lifetime warranty!

The scissors are an elegant tool with a lot of control. You can make as large or as little as a cut as needed. I tend to take small cuts; you can always take away more and if the cigar happens to have an easy draw, then you have room to work with. I’ve been using the scissors for a long time and find them very comfortable, so it isn’t too often that I go to another style of cutter. In the past I have also enjoyed a punch or a v-cut. Again, it is a matter of preference. Each style of cut will give you a different experience. You may choose to take advantage of the different styles of cuts for different styles of cigars….Read more at

i Cigars

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