Cigar Interview With Jonathan Drew: The Latest From Joya De Nicaragua

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Cigar Reviews - News - Babes - Deals - Cubans - Ratings I had the pleasure of speaking with Jonathan Drew of Drew Estate and Joya De Nicaragua during his event at CigarCigar! In this interview, Jonathan introduces us to the new Dark Corojo Antono and new Cabinetta line from Joya De Nicaragua. One is a full bodied extra smoke while the other is a medium bodied smoke, and both are balanced with a great flavor.

When Jonathan informed me of the process in distinguishing “ligeron” for the Antano Dark Corojo, I found myself not only learning something new but also appreciating the time and quality in even more.

When I first tasted the Antano Dark Corojo I was a little uncertain of what to expect as I was told it was to be a very full bodied plus cigar. The wrapper is very dark with a nice slight oily factor, but dark doesn’t always mean strong. By appearances and feel alone I was curious to see what this cigar would produce. And this being my first cigar of the night, I wanted to make sure my experience would be an enjoyable one.

Right away there was a burst of flavor but very smooth and balanced- it didn’t bite or have any harshness, but rather a smooth and delicious quality. Throughout the duration of the smoke the body continued to build gradually and comfortably, keeping the smoke interesting and enjoyable. There is definitely a nicotine factor to consider that is present in this smoke, those who love that kick will want to pick up one for sure! Keep in mind this particular cigar is in the full body extra range.

Thank you to Jonathan Drew for giving us such a great insight!

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