Cigar Pairing: Night Out For Cocktails And A Padron 2000

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In this video I’m about to head out for a cocktail at my favorite bar. And I’m bringing along a Padron 2000. You’ll hear about a stunning cocktail I had in the second part of this video.

Size of the Padron 2000 is Robusto; 5 x 50 gauge. All parts of the cigar (wrapper, binder, filler) are Nicaraguan so it’s a “puro.”

Medium to full-body with leather and earthy flavors, this went went well with several of my cocktails. I find Padrons to be a cigar lover’s cigar. Very much a “tobacco flavored” smoke if that makes sense. No messing around. What a cigar should taste like to a lot of aficionados.

As always, ladies, I encourage you to try a fine cigar. Perhaps not a Padron to start with, though. And gentlemen, real women love a confident man with a cigar in hand.

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And gentlemen, please keep it clean.

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