Cigar Review: Cabinetta Serie Joya De Nicaragua Cigar “Dos Capas”

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Cigar Reviews - News - Babes - Deals - Cubans - Ratings I want to thank Drew Estate and Johnny Brooke of for sending me cigars from the new Cabinetta Serie line of Joya De Nicaragua.

The Joya De Nicaragua Antano line has been known for its full body style, however in the new Cabinetta Serie line of Joya De Nicaragua we can expect a more mild to medium bodied style. Right away you will notice something else that is different about this cigar, and that is the “dos capas.”

There are two wrappers on this cigar: an Ecuadorian Shade wrapper covering the entire length of the cigar, and a Nicaraguan Criollo covering the head of the cigar. Thus we have two caps. The purpose of this technique is to give the cigar a profile that is smooth and creamy, yet still have some spice notes without being too strong or overpowering. The focus of this cigar is to be an enjoyable mild cigar that still brings in a lot of flavor and aroma.

This is my first tasting of this cigar, and it only just arrived, too. I have a couple resting in my humidor for a more in depth tasting at a later date, but I couldn’t resist giving this new smoke a whirl!

The overall strength of this cigar is definitely on the mild side, but has some medium bodied characteristics that build up towards the end of the smoke. It is very pleasant and light with ample amounts of smoke and a nice creamy taste. The spice is kept in balance nicely. At no point would I consider the spice to be strong, only pleasant. This is something I appreciate in milder cigars- the subtle notes to be found. Balance is key and when there is a silky or creamy smoke involved I really enjoy a milder style. A nice flavor must be present.

This is a cigar to have earlier in the day or earlier in your line of smokes. With mild cigars you want a welcoming palate to taste all the subtleties they have to offer. The Cabinetta Serie line looks like it will be coming in at a great price range as well. The toro I am smoking in this video I believe will be priced at $6.05 which is very nice for this style of smoke.

As I stated in the video, after noticing the time I had to leave for an event. I continued to smoke the remainder of my cigar during this event, but seeing as this was over a Scotch Tasting… needless to say after four or five my palate was compromised. I will say that I found it to remain very smooth and stay pretty consistent in the finish from just after the second half of the cigar. I will definitely be having this one again and will let you know more of my thoughts at that time.

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