Cigar Review: My Father Limited Edition 2010

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I had the pleasure of tasting a very special cigar with limited availability- the My Father Limited Edition 2010. I want to thank Jose Ortega for giving me this cigar for review. I knew I wanted to enjoy it on a day that would be important to me, and that I definitely did. We often discuss “special occasions” but this was an important day of reflection for me and I wanted a cigar that would represent it well.

The My Father Limited Edition is particularly special in that the bunching is done by Jaime Garcia and the rolling and wrapper is placed by Don Pepin Garcia. The production is limited to 2000 cigars (individually wrapped in their own coffin and numbered) and marks a great and important relationship between father and son. This is instantly seen in the construction of the cigar and enjoyed throughout the duration of the smoke.

There are five different types of seeds used to make this blend, and it should be noted that two leaves within this cigar are known as Pelo de Oro- hair of gold. This is a leaf that was banned in Cuba because of its tendency to produce blue mold, making this a difficult leaf to grow. Pepin took special time and care to growing this leaf and though he has used it in the past, it can be seen here in this cigar for what is my understanding, the last time.

The construction really stands out in this cigar as you smoke, and the burn is a slow and even one. For me this was a solid medium bodied cigar with maybe a bit more strength in the finish- but still in my mind in the medium bodied style. The balance is wonderful and something to be appreciated. The flavors were all there as if to tell a story- nothing overpowered or masked the others. I tasted many woodsy notes throughout the cigar, primarily cedar, and a subtle sweetness. There were some earth and peppery notes, pepper especially in the beginning which would make an appearance only as necessary throughout the rest of the smoke. It didn’t stay or distract the palate from enjoying the other flavor characteristics going on.

This is a cigar I look forward to enjoying again (I have had to fortune of finding a box at a local shop and saving some for another special day). I like to make occasions out of every day.. some stand out more than others but there is always something to take the time to pause and appreciate what is important to you.

For those who asked, the restaurant location that closed was the Pappas Grill just off of Highway 59 near the Beltway. It was a happy/angry night… happy to enjoy the moment but angry to see it go. The staff all still have employment in the company but all at different locations. It was a night I certainly won’t forget, nor will I forget the many happy experiences I have had there with my friends.

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