Cigar Review: Vegas De Santiago D8

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Cigar Reviews - News - Babes - Deals - Cubans - Ratings n this video I have the pleasure of tasting the D8 from Vegas de Santiago. Their factory is located in Costa Rica where they produce beautiful blends and quality constructed cigars. I think it is great to see more cigars coming from Costa Rica as well as other parts of the world. Old traditions moving forward to expand our palates and keep things interesting is indeed a great thing. We as a cigar smoker have more variety and great quality in our cigars to meet our appetite.

This particular selection, the D8, is a medium bodied cigar with a smooth long finish. It has an earthy core with a nice balance of flavors that may be enjoyed throughout the smoke. Towards the end the strength picks up a bit but nothing to take away from the taste.

The wrapper is a Habano 2000 leaf grown in Ecuador, binder is from Ecuador, and filler is a blend of tobaccos from Costa Rica.

Depending on your location you may have to ask where you may find them. They have been available in Switzerland, Japan, Dubai, France, Moscow, and Germany for quite some time and are now making their appearance in the US. I hope to see them receive a warm welcome as they have a great passion in what they do.

Family is of a great importance, as is with all of this great industry and community. The people in the factory are a family and are taken care of as such. I know they are excited to see the cigars they put so much passion into make it to the US and hear our reactions. I like to think of all those involved when I am enjoying a cigar, it is a part of the experience.

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