CigarsForWarriors Donation Drive Update 2

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Welcome back to this year’s cigar donation drive! This is for the charity organization that sends premium cigars, the #1 requested staple, to the hands of our overseas deployed troops who otherwise can not get them! As batches of donations come in I will have update videos showing everything and reading your letters! At the end of Feb the CFW crew will pick everything up!

You have until the 15th of February to get your donation in the mail! Or you can drop ship anything from your favorite online store sale!

The address to send packages is:
Bryan Glynn
c/o CigarObsession
8401 Lagerfeld Dr.
Land O Lakes, FL 34637

MAKE SURE they are packed appropriately. Here’s a simple how-to vid:
Guidelines: They must be hand-rolled, full size cigars and NOT Cubans. They must be in good condition.

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