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Domenico Fuerte Churchill Cigar Review – This 7.5×50 stick features a dark chocolate lightly but firmly packed wrapper with small veins, tight invisible seams, a smooth oily feel, double cap and sweet soapy aroma.  First light reveals a bit of a snug draw with mild-medium bodied flavors of a soft light earth, hint of a Cuban like twang, soft cocoa and a clean short finish.  The first third Goes to a slick sweet light earth with the subtle cocoa lingering through the now longer but still mild finish. 40 minutes in at the 1/2 way point flavors shift to a medium bodied sweet creamy leather with the twang coming through on the now long finish.  Construction is excellent holding 2″ ash chunks and the draw is now normal.  Ending at 1:25 minutes the last third goes to a deep caramel from the fruity sweetness with the leather shifting to a deep earth and coffee, all lasting through the long smooth finish and medium strength coming past the band.

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