Drew Estate Cigars: A Moment With Steve Saka IPCPR 2011

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The wonderful story behind the Undercrown. http://smokinghotcigarchick.com Drew Estate Cigars: A Moment With Steve Saka

Latest News: Undercrown

The Undercrown is a blend that was created almost out of necessity by the workers at Drew Estate, making this “nuestros puros” for the workers who so loved the Liga Privada blend. They loved the Liga Privada so much that when the number of boxes were counted of how much they smoked, they realized they would have to stop and find something else to smoke in the factory. In typical Nicaraguan ingenuity, the workers got together and started to blend their own Liga Privada. They looked at the materials available, and knowing what was normally used for the Liga, they instead would use a lower priming or a less aged tobacco that was more in abundance.

When the cigar was made and brought to Saka for a sample, he liked the blend but didn’t recognize it from anything they had been working on. That’s when they found out it was something that the workers had created on their own, it was “nuestros puros” or our cigar. The blend was so impressive that Drew Estate decided to release it to the public and call it Undercrown. If Liga Privada was for the king, then Undercrown is for the prince. The release of the Undercrown celebrates the Nicaraguan workers and shows how much they are appreciated. It shows that the workers made something so good, it should be in a box of its own.

Favorite Cigar and Drink Pairing: Liga Privada No. 9 and Grape Soda or Espresso
(yep- I’m keeping the grape soda on there, Saka- too great!)

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