La Gloria Cubana Cigars: A Moment With Michael Giannini IPCPR 2011

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The Artesanos Retro Especiale is a collection that has been ten years in the making. The cigar features a double binder with tobaccos from Mexico and Nicaragua, fillers from Nicaragua and Dominican Republic, and a Honduran Connecticut wrapper. The boxes display beautiful art with inspiration of Miami’s Art Deco design; every detail was brought into consideration, even the haphazard brush strokes of the lacquer to give each box a personal and antique feel.

The focus of this cigar is to have a blend where the majority of the flavor from the binder and filler rather than the wrapper. In this blend, the wrapper’s role is to be aromatic and bring out the components of the binder and filler tobaccos. This is a unique challenge that brings your attention to the flavors from the components of the cigar rather than placing all the attention on the wrapper.

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