Nat Sherman: A Moment With Michael Herklots IPCPR 2011

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Cigar Reviews - News - Babes - Deals - Cubans - Ratings Nat Sherman is directing their attention to bringing their quality name and history into the forefront with a modern movement in cigars. We are looking at fuller bodied blends, new bands, and a lot of excitement with respect to the past. A direction has been committed, but what that direction will be is still soon to be discovered.

Since 1930 Nat Sherman has focused on giving the cigar smoker an experience they can be proud of and remember. It is this old history coupled with an appreciation of the “new” that allows their passion and expertise to be reinvented with new blends and imagery. One step to this new direction is including the retailers in a blind tasting of various blends they are currently working on. Within these blends are tobaccos from different regions with different characteristics, all numbered first by region then by blend, and each comes with a tasting card. Each blend is very different and simply represents an idea.

The participation of the retailer in the blend extends the relationship between manufacturer and retailer as well as retailer to retailer. Nat Sherman began as a retail shop and understands this perspective and the value of that relationship. Involving the retailer gives the shop owner a way to speak out of what they want to see in a cigar blend, from flavor to price.

Favorite Drink to pair with a cigar: Wine or Dark Rum

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