Panacea 560 Red Cigar Review

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Cigar Reviews - News - Babes - Deals - Cubans - Ratings I love discovering great boutique cigars- especially when there is a passion for quality and a story to tell from the company that produces them. And this is a fabulous cigar.

The PANACEA Red is a lovely full-bodied cigar with a great balance of rich flavors. A very smooth smoke with medium strength, and no harshness at all- beautiful in construction, draw, and taste.

Flavor notes consist of pepper, caramel, molasses, earth, and coffee. I had a nice amount of pepper in the beginning with hints of sweetness, which then transitioned into tastes of molasses, earth, and coffee. At the last third of my cigar the hints of spice returned balancing out the round flavors for a nice finish.

I liked how none of the flavors were extremely dominant, they all played off each other nicely making for a smooth smoke. Definitely great on is own- would also be very nice with a dark ale or black lager. Maybe even a steak! A lot of options really, depends on your palate and what you prefer.

Visit the blog for more insights and details about this cigar- you’ll want to try the experience out for yourself!

i Cigars

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