Personal Cigar Blends: Camacho And Jeffrey Stone

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Cigar Reviews - News - Babes - Deals - Cubans - Ratings While at one of Jeffery Stone’s Friday Finishers, I happened to discover a new blend Jeffrey had created with Camacho. The foot of the cigar has a band in celebration of his 30 year anniversary, and being curious as I am, I had to give it a taste.

Right away the first draw produces a nutty flavor and a medium body profile. There is a great amount of flavor in this cigar, and as the strength is a medium one it doesn’t overpower the flavor but rather compliments it nicely.

There is a lovely combination of nuts, espresso, and earth throughout the smoke that make it a delicious experience.

I think Jeffrey Stone and Camacho presented something great here, and at a very pleasing price I might add. This cigar was priced just under $7.

And so I ask you, what are some of your unexpected finds and favorite personal blends? Visit the blog for more photos from this entry and to join in the comments!

i Cigars

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