Smoking Hot Cigar Chick. Why Did I get Into Cigars?

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Cigar Reviews - News - Babes - Deals - Cubans - Ratings In this video I answer one of the biggest questions I receive. “Why did you get into cigars?”

Well this video says it all. It’s about exploring your palate. And just like with food and wine, fine cigars are about taste and pleasure. And like grapes, where the tobacco was grown, how it was cared for, fermented, handled, rolled and stored, is what effects the flavor.

Also like wine, which is just made from grapes, fine cigars are just made from tobacco and nothing else. No additives or preservatives or chemicals. Fine cigars are made entirely by hand. And like wine, it is about the expertise of the blender and the rollers who make a cigar what it is. There are so many variations, styles and flavors that you could never get bored. Think about many styles and brands of wine there are. The same is true with cigars.

Will you like every cigar or wine you try? Of course not. But with an open mind and a bit of exploring, you will land upon something you love. we all have different tastes.

And I am here to help you find the cigars you will treasure.

As always, ladies, I encourage you to try a fine cigar. You will find very helpful tobacconists like Ken in most fine cigar shops. And gentlemen, real women love a confident man with a cigar in hand.

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And gentlemen, please keep it clean.

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i Cigars

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