The Angelenos From Prometheus: Cigar and Lighter Review

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Cigar Reviews - News - Babes - Deals - Cubans - Ratings I have been very happy with this cigar! And what introduced me to tasting this fine cigar was actually the lighter. I first fell in love with the lighter when I discovered it was a flint lighter with a torch flame (every time I am lighting it’s like a little fireworks show, beautiful).

At the time it was just before the Angelenos cigars had been shipped or made available at least in my area, and the lighters were a clean solid color with the Prometheus name only. I was about to make my purchase when my tobacconist suggested I wait a few more days.

I’m delighted I did, just a few days later the Angelenos cigars and gift sets arrived. Wow, what a beautiful presentation and a great deal. The set was just ten dollars more than the lighter alone and came with two cigars. I like the design with the Angelenos name printed across and couldn’t pass up the chance for the cigars as well. I didn’t realize how much I would enjoy them either!

I tend to smoke the more medium and full-bodied cigars, though I absolutely adore a mild cigar every now and then. When I do like a mild cigar, there must be some character and complexity- there must be a great taste. And this one delivered it beautifully. The Angelenos has a profile I wouldn’t compare to anything else, it is very unique and very elegant. There is a nice creamy buttery flavor with a pleasant spice through the nose and a hint of sweetness in the finish. Very lovely!

This is a cigar I can enjoy daily and not get tired of as well. I’ve enjoyed it both in the morning and evening hours, though most commonly earlier in the day. It is very quickly becoming a favorite of mine.

The Angelenos is named after the city of Los Angeles and is the newest line from Prometheus, creator of the God Of Fire cigars. The Angelenos can be found in four sizes: lonsdale, toro, double robusto, and gran toro. Currently I have only seen the lonsdale and toro sizes released.

I highly recommend you experience a tasting. I think this is a mild cigar with a great complexity all cigar lovers can appreciate. Please share your tasting experiences with me on the blog!

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