The Brittania Reserva: Cigar Review

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Cigar Reviews - News - Babes - Deals - Cubans - Ratings Upon lighting the cigar, there was a lovely aroma right away. The first draw produced a creamy smoke with a buttery sweet finish and a subtle hint of spice. Between puffs as the flavors lingered there was a taste of heavy cream and hazelnuts. As I continued to smoke the spice began to increase, but kept in balance with the other flavor notes. The spice reminds me of the style I like in Nicaraguan blends, though there is certainly a Dominican characteristic in the finish. Those are simply what they make me think of, and I couldn’t tell you for certain that is what they are.

I bought this cigar during a Kristoff event several weeks ago and have been letting it rest in my humidor since then. I think a little time gives a better perspective for most cigars, especially when tasting for the first or second time and you are making your decision of whether or not this is a style for you.

For what I would consider to be a great breakfast cigar, this mild to medium bodied cigar has a great character which keeps the smoke interesting and delicious. Flavor is something I look for over strength in my selections, and this one I found to be very lovely and unique.

I have had cigars with light and delicate flavors of cream or nuts, but this one I found to be more powerful and rich. Pairings may be something to consider, though I enjoyed this one on its own just fine. About half way through I did find myself craving either a coffee or a cookie, which certainly always sound like a good idea to me, ha!

i Cigars

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