The Conspiracy Party: Room 101 Cigars In Vegas

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Cigar Reviews - News - Babes - Deals - Cubans - Ratings Here it is- a peak into the Room 101 Conspiracy Party in Vegas, and it was a blast!

Winning a trip to Vegas for the Conspiracy Party is a treat I am incredibly grateful for; this is thanks to the Twitter Scavenger Hunt contest hosted by Camacho and Room101 Cigars- what a great opportunity, thank you!

The Conspiracy was held at Moon at the Palms in Las Vegas, and had performances from Guru and Twista. Matt Booth, owner of Room 101 Cigars and Room 101 Silver launched his new cigars in style. It rocked, and what a great group of people. Everyone from Camacho and Room 101 Cigars made incredible hosts, and I cannot thank them enough for everything. Dylan Austin and Matt Booth were always there to make sure we were having a great time, and they went up and beyond.

Cigars were constantly in hand- and if you haven’t had a Room 101 Cigar yet, you are in for a real treat when you do. This was my first tasting (since they were all gone at IPCPR on the first day) and I was very impressed with the experience. Very earthy, rich and complex with coffee notes and very smooth. There was never a moment that I felt like it was too much either, it was perfectly in balance throughout the evening and made for a wonderful event. I love this cigar!

The Room 101 Cigar is one to take note of. Keep a look out when they begin to appear in your local cigar shops. I think it is great when style and taste can compliment each other so beautifully. And I do mean compliment- style is not compensating taste here, it is all in balance and in appreciation to the tobacco. Love it.

If you’ve seen Matt’s Room 101 Silver collection with the detail, time, and quality that goes into each custom design, it is no wonder that he presents a cigar with the same attention to quality and taste.

Style and cigars, what a great combination and a theme growing stronger within the industry. Quality exists well within both of these factors, and I for one am hoping to see more of it.

Be sure to check the blog for more photos and details!

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