The Rolling Of A Cigar: The Rocky Patel Trip

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One of the greatest experiences I walked away with on the Rocky Patel Trip was blending my own cigar. Tobacco from various places of the world were made available to consider for the blend. As this was my first attempt at a blend, I went for a Nicaraguan puro and played with the different strengths and smells of each tobacco made available out of Nicaragua. After deciding my blend, I was excited in the moment not knowing what would come next. And what was next was amazing; they were going to roll the first cigar of our personally selected blend right then and there.

Wow- what an experience to select your tobacco, then watch as the cigar is constructed right before your eyes and handed to you to enjoy. Now this is one style of rolling presented in the video, and how it is done in the Honduras factory.

Later on I’ll be showing you another rolling method done purely by
hand without the assistance of a rolling mechanism, and with the classic Cuban style triple cap for the cigar. This other style was how it was done at the factory in Nicaragua, so be on the look out for that video soon.

i Cigars

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