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Cigar Reviews - News - Babes - Deals - Cubans - Ratings I have a serious Sweet Tooth. But can you have a “Cigar Tooth” too?

In this video I talk about how the two relate and what my particular craving was today: A La Riqueza. It definitely took care of today’s cigar and sweets craving. It’s has lovely chocolate, coffee and earthy tones with a bit of spice and pepper.

Go to my blog and tell me what some of your cigar cravings are and when you have them.

Also, try pairing your next cigar with some dark chocolate. Or some fine dark chocolate and a fine bourbon or scotch. I’m not talking about eating a whole Hershey bar and a fifth of Jack Daniel. Instead try a nice dark chocolate with 55-75% cocoa ratio and having just a small square at a time while sipping an ounce or two of your favorite libation.

I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. I’ll be sharing more about this with you soon.

As always, ladies, I encourage you to try a fine cigar. And gentlemen, real women love a confident man with a cigar in hand.

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And gentlemen, please keep it clean.

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i Cigars

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