Weekly Cigar Roundup 24: Nick Wants To Be An Olympian!

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Join us once again as we dive into a week of Nicks cigar smoking choices. Its a light-hearted take on the always very serious subject of cigars. This should be fun!

La Aurora Preferido Gold: https://www.jrcigars.com/item/la-aurora-cigars/la-aurora-preferidos/gold/auprg

Montecristo Epic: https://www.jrcigars.com/brand/montecristo-cigars/montecristo-epic

God of Fire Serie B: https://www.jrcigars.com/brand/arturo-fuente-cigars/god-of-fire-serie-b

Rocky Patel 15th: https://www.jrcigars.com/brand/rocky-patel-cigars/rocky-patel-15th-anniversary

Drew Estate L-40: https://www.jrcigars.com/item/drew-estate-cigars/liga-privada-unico-serie/l40-lancero/lpul40

Perdomo 20th: https://www.jrcigars.com/brand/perdomo-cigars/perdomo-20th-anniversary

i Cigars

Cigar Reviews - News - Babes - Deals - Cubans - Ratings



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