Weekly Cigar Roundup: We Went to Tasmania?

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Monday: Powstanie Habano – https://www.jrcigars.com/brand/powstanie-cigars/powstanie-habano

Tuesday: Undercrown – https://www.jrcigars.com/brand/drew-estate-cigars/undercrown

Wednesday: L’ Atelier Selection Speciale – https://www.jrcigars.com/brand/l-atelier-cigars/l-atelier-selection-speciale

Thursday: El Centurion – https://www.jrcigars.com/brand/my-father-cigars/my-father-el-centurion

Friday: Padron 1964 – https://www.jrcigars.com/brand/padron-cigars/padron-1964-anniversary-series

Saturday: Casa Magna Jalapa Claro – https://www.jrcigars.com/brand/casa-magna-cigars/casa-magna-jalapa-claro

Sunday: Ashton ESG – https://www.jrcigars.com/brand/ashton-cigars/ashton-estate-sungrown

Here’s another great week of premium smokes for you guys to check out. If you havent had any of these smokes we suggest you check out the links below and get your hands on some right now! Thanks for tuning in!

i Cigars

Cigar Reviews - News - Babes - Deals - Cubans - Ratings



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